6-inch Fleece Liner Socks


Materials: 100% Polyester.
Polartec® Classic 200 Fabric keeping your feet warm, comfortable and dry.

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281Z Fleece Liner Socks are versatile, comfortable, and perform perfectly in any situation.

They help keep feet dry and warm, both during intense activities and for extended periods. Combined with athletic or military footwear, the 281Z Fleece Liner Socks create a complex that not only keeps your feet warm, but also creates the perfect temperature balance to keep your feet comfortable and dry even in the most challenging conditions.

The anatomical design of fleece socks makes them sit firmly on the foot, without slipping down, without getting stuck under the boots, and without interference with the natural movement of the foot. Flat seams do not create any rubbing and discomfort in type any footwear.

The socks are also very light and compact, so they can be carried comfortably in a bag or backpack without taking too much space.

281Z Fleece Liner Socks are made from Polartec 200 Fleece – best available fabric from renowned manufacturer

• Warmth without weight
• Soft to the skin
• High breathability
• Flat but durable seams
• Comfortable fit

281Z Fleece Liner Socks have been thoroughly tested and proven durability in combat.

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