Season Day Socks


Розмірна сітка шкарпеток

Розмірна сітка високих шкарпеток

Materials: 70% Organic Cotton, 25% Nylon, 5% Elastane with toe and heel reinforced by highly durable polyamide thread.

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Season Day Socks (SDS) are versatile and reliable all-weather socks for any kind of footwear. SDS socks have proven themselves to be perfect for outdoor use both with military boots and trekking shoes. Season Day Socks are also suitable for everyday use with casual boots and shoes.

The air circulation system provides additional breathability, maintains a comfortable temperature inside the shoe, and removes excess heat. Special zones provide additional comfort and add a slight compression effect. The use of high-quality materials prevents the formation of unpleasant odors during the long-term use of SDS socks.

Season Day Socks are available in following colors: Foliage Green, Black, and Coyote Brown.

Made in Ukraine

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Coyote Brown


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