Reformers and innovators

As a group of experts, we gathered to improve the Armed Forces of Ukraine and applied all our knowledge to carry out reforms and improve the equipment of Ukrainian soldiers.

Our goal is to create the best clothes and equipment from the most advanced materials.

Our Story

During the wartime of 2015 Ukrainian Ministry of Defence created a special group. Its aim was: the reforming of the material provision of Ukrainian Armed Forces. The equipment of Ukrainian Soldier was badly outdated by that time, and Ukrainian volunteers took the task of developing new elements of gear and clothing in the shortest time, taking into consideration the latest worldwide tendencies in military equipment. Members of the group that worked on the creation of combat gear of Ukrainian servicemen will be the skeleton of the 281Z Development Group in the future.

In October 2015 based on the 281Z developments, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence created a new unit, which continued reforming of a military provision of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

From the 2016 281Z Development Group cooperates with the popular Ukrainian military brands, to help design, develop and launch new products from modern materials.

Currently we develop our own line of clothing and gear.