Winter field jacket “PCWPJ-Alpha”


Punisher Combat Winter Patrol Jacket Polartec Alpha

Field demi-season jacket “PCWPJ-Alpha” (Punisher Combat Winter Patrol Jacket Polartec Alpha) was developed as a top clothing layer for cold weather activities, or as warmer jacket under extremely cold temeperature jackets.
Punisher Combat Winter Patrol Jacket is made of the newest materials, that are used in US ARMY GENIII ECWCS kit and SOCOM PCU kit
Top layer is made of BROOKWOOD® AVENGER™ protective fabric
The insulation is Polartec Alpha. Lightweight and breathable Polartec Alpha was developed on US SOCOM demand for insulation that should work in any situation – patrol or firefight – and in any environment. Its design allows to stay warm during the most intense activity, but prevents user from overheating, maintaining the comfortbale body temperature and moisuture level.
Design of Punisher Combat Winter Patrol Jacket has six different external pockets, which are zipped. Zippers are protected by a flap, which prevents moisture from entering the pocket. Pockets are located symmetrically in the chest region, on the lower part of jacket and in the forearm zone. On both hands there are Velcro panels for attaching identifiers.
The hood is made of top-layer fabric – AVENGER™. It has anatomical cut and adjustment system. In case the hood is not needed – it can be hidden inside the collar
Lining is nylon 6.6 fabric
The cut of the “PCWPJ-Alpha” is fitted in the waist and lower part, volume is adjustable. The collar is high, anatomical and provides protection against wind and precipitation, without interfering with the movements of the head.

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