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Boot complex – a phrase that can be often heard among professional military and hikers. The matter of “Boot” is understood – anyone who have spent time hiking in the nature, in the battlefield, in different weather conditions, with several kilos of the gear on your sholders or a heavy backpack on your back will say that good footwear is a must. But to gain maximum comfort and minimize the possibility of calluses and foot fungus you should also use right socks. Socks and boots that properly suit to the task is the boot complex.

I was getting ready for the three days trip to the forest. The forecast promised changeable weather, temperature changes from 32 to 20 degrees and rain. The boots I planned to use were my usual – Lowa Zephyr GTX MID TF, but in case of socks I wished to try something new. So I chose SHS (Summer Hiking Sox) by P1G-Tac, developed by 281/Z Group. Why them? The reason is that I’ve already used another socks made by P1G-Tac – SDS, also developed by 281/Z. But SHS are mid-height, suitable for use with the majority of modern hiking boots.

The forecast didn’t lie and the weather was jumping from one condition to another for all three days. From hot and dry to cold and rainy. 
The boots were on all the time, except few hours at the time of rest and sleep. Sock weren’t taken off even then. SHS were slightly damp, but in fact the foot were dry. For all time of using they’ve never slipped or folded.  When I returned home, I was ready for strong odor but suprisingly even here SHS socks played strong. Slight damp smell was all I got, but for three days of non-stop use in the conditions that not many socks can withstand it’s pretty good.


How can this all be achieved? First thing is quality of materials and thoughtful design. SHS Composition: 70% cotton, 25% polyamide (nylon) and 5% elastane. A lot of manufacturers use polyester instead of polyamide. It’s cheaper but worsens the characteristics of the product. In socks, this manifests itself in the term of exploitation, the appearance of unpleasant odors, tactile sensations.

The design, as befits trekking socks, also has a number of features – reinforced zones that are exposed to the greatest stress and abrasion: heel, foot and toe. Design of foot provides additional reinforcement, removes moisture and adds comfort while walking. The design of the upper part of the toe provides the removal of excess heat, which does not allow the foot to snoop. 

The construction of the neck in the SHS performs several functions – keeping sock on the leg, the removal of excess, heat and moisture.

Summing up, SHS (Summer Hiking Sox) is an excellent choice of socks for travel, military and civilian shoes for use in the warmer seasons.

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