Field winter hat “PCWAH-Power Fill”

Punisher Combat Winter Ambush Hat Polartec Power Fill/Thermal pro

Field winter hat “PCWAH-Power Fill” (Punisher Combat Winter Ambush Hat Polartec Power Fill/Thermal pro) is designed for use during low temperatures as in city as well as in field. 
Top layer of “PCWAH-Power Fill” is made of wind a waterproof BROOKWOOD® AVENGER™ fabric. The insulation is Polartec Power Fill. Polartec Power Fill combines great insulation with high breathability that removes the excess heat from the body, keeping it warm and preventing overheating during as activity as well being stationary. The inner lining is made of next-gen Polartec warmer fabric – the development of Polartec Classic series – Thermal Pro. It provides better insulation properties with the same fabric weight. But due to the change in knitting structure it also provides better breathability during intense activity. 
Design of the PCWAH hat allosw to wear it in three different ways:

  • • Ears open and fixed on top. Comfortable in the moderate cool environment with abscence of a wind
  • • Ears are partially lowered. Protection of neck and ears during cold weather
  • • Ears fully lowered. Protection from wind and cold during cold and extremely cold weather with wind. Instead of the hood does not interfere with peripheral vision

Adjustment of the positions is made with button and can be easily done with the hat on.
On the front part of “PCWAH-Power Fill” there is small velcro panel for insignia.

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