Field combat set M.U.B.S. “SSS” is developed by specialists of 281/Z Development Group.

SSS means “Stretcher-Shelter-Seat”. This set is complex solution that plays not only two, but three roles:

  • Seat – this is a state in which “SSS” is stored and transported. The shelter itself is stored in a bag made from genuine US-made 500D Cordura fabric.  It can be transported attached to any equipment ar belt, or on the shoulder. This bag with the shelter inside can be used as a seating pad or even as a small mat.
  • Stretcher – the tent itself comes with straps-handles. Folded in half it can be used as a convenient stretcher, that can be carried either by two or by four people (there are different handles for any of ways).
  • Shelter – and the last, but not in any way least role of the tent is to provide shelter. The tent size is 3×2.2 meters. This dimensions allow to organize the shelter suitable for a person, field tent to cover up the position or foxhole, half-shelter etc. More can be found in the manual. In this case carry handles are used as fixing straps. Such design removes the necessity to carry pegs, because any suitable thing (stick, branch etc) can be used to hold the shelter

SSS is made from best available materials. Shelter – “Yuma” 200D Nylon 6.6 (DRW coated) Made in USA / Bag- 500D Cordura (Nylon 6.6) Made in USA ( MIL-DTL-32439 Type 3 Class 3). All materials are NIR Compliant

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