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A group of developers and promotion of models and brands of tactical equipment and clothing, a team of professionals in the business. Behind our shoulders experience of reforms in Ukrainian Armed Forces.


Group 281 / z is constantly searching for new high-quality materials to create the models of clothing and equipment. All components of the products that we develop, must meet our high requirements for performance, tactical and technical characteristics.
All working samples of clothing and equipment are subjected to rigorous field testing.


We are constantly experimenting with materials, their combinations and cut patterns of models that we develop, to find the most optimal designs, that’s why often apply unconventional approaches.
As a result we’re seeking for the most comfortable design of military tactical clothing and equipment and are willling to set new trends in this field.


Our design department works with modern equipment, which is required by high quality materials.
We have extensive experience working with individual departments of the law enforcement structures and armed forces of Ukraine. That’s why we understand the special requirements for the modern military clothing and equipment materials to protect the user as much as possible and grant him quality and comfort.

Our projects


Modular combat load-bearing equipment system. Our goal was to create a multi-mission kit, that could be configured to any type of task

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Punisher Combat Line

The right clothing for the task is the key to success. That's why at 281/Z we created a whole new military clothing line that covers particulary everything - from underwear to the cold weather insulation. The best materials and design features that were tested in combat were combined to create versatile clothing system.

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Ukrainian Armed Forces Sniper Kit

Created in cooperation with Zbroyar to provide the army snipers and marksmen with all necessary equipment.

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Our latest developments

Field winter pants “PCWCP-Alpha”

Punisher Combat Winter Constant Pants Polartec Alpha/Power Fill

“PCWCP-Alpha” (Punisher Combat Winter Constant Pants Polartec Alpha/P.Fill) is an outer layer complex. It consists of pants and […]

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