Combat field shirt for hot climates “PCS-FR”

Punisher Combat Shirt Fire Retardant

Hot climate under armor combat shirt “PCS-FR” (Punisher Combat Shirt Fire Retardant) is designed for military and law enforcement use with body armor in the hot climate or season. “PCS-FR” is made of two types of fabric – base camouflaged and sweat-wicking fabric. Anatomical cut allows the use of the combat shirt as a top layer of cloting in the hot, or a base layer under the field coat of rain jacket. Elastic fabric, flat seams and anatomical cut allowed to create hot climate combat shirt that does not interfere with any movements during activities and does not create folds under the armor, vest or backpacks.

The form of the collar in Punisher Combat Shirt Polartec Delta repeats the anatomical structure of the neck, prevents dust, dirt, sand, insects from getting inside, protects from exposure to sunlight, protects against rubbing with straps of backpacks, body armor, load-bearing equipment.

The body part of the combat shirt is made from Polartec Power Dry FR fabric.

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  1. Please restock Amazon, I really like your products! I am a military guy who likes quality clothing. Thanks

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